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They will soar on wings like eagles.  Isaiah 40:31  

Franklin Hackman, Jr. and Dorothy Hackman, CLP, HTPA 

Our vision is to provide you with the very best essential oils and nutritional products on earth as well as the information and support services to make sure that you experience the benefits you desire and deserve.

Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils are used at our Home Health Spa through Healing Touch, The LifeLine Technique, Raindrop/Vitaflex Technique and Healing Oils of the Bible Program.  You may sign up as a customer (retail price), preferred customer (auto ship) or a distributor (wholesale price) at http://youngliving.us/ or http://secretsofmothernature.com/DorothyHackman344162 using my Business Associate Member Number 344162.


New Earth Klamath Lake Super Blue Green Algae

We also offer you the opportunity to use Klamath Lake Super Blue Green Algae Nutritional products for people, pets and even plants from New Earth.  You may sign up as a customer (retail price) or a distributor (wholesale price) at New Earth Order Phone Number: 800-800-1300 or http://www.TeamNewEarth.com/452951 using our Business Associate Member Number 452951.